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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Southfield City Council Meeting February 28, 2011 Full Audio

City Council Meeting for the City of Southfield in Michigan on February 28, 2011

Topics of this meeting include
- Appointments to city boards and committees
- Discussion and approval of a site plan for a auto dealership preparing for construction at 28111 Telegraph Road, particularly the inclusion of wind turbines in the site plan.
- Multiple Sclerosis awareness week
- The American Cancer Society's Relay for life occurring on May 21,2011 and kick off party occurring on March 3 2011 at the Southfield Public Library.
- The Ciber Inc Tax abatement
- A resolution to oppose state legislation, Senate Bill 34 that would eliminate local personal property taxes.
- The Neighborhood stabilization program
- The battle of the books, a children's literature knowledge competition
-General discussion on the issue of tax abatements

Note the Agenda including several related documents to the meeting can be found here.

An audio file of the meeting can be downloaded here.

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