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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Don't Kick Me Out My Own House

Okay so a little over two weeks ago Detroit Free Press columnist Stephen Henderson published an article criticizing a local new arena for having Kid Rock as its inaugural act. And the article at the time mostly filled me with apathy. I can't say that I love Kid Rock but I don't hate him. In my younger days I had a lot of fun with his songs and while I kind of roll my eyes at that Senate run of his and some of the stupider stuff he's said I wasn't exactly taking it seriously. For me it is or was a wash.

Especially when the main thing that bothered me is that Kid Rock was neither a representative nor interesting choice as the ambassador the city's musical heritage. It's just kind of hard to get too worked up over for me.

But then last night Kid Rock punched back in a rant which, wow.

Now he IS officially taking up my brainspace.  So let's talk about this. 
For years he's been courting "the good ole boy", I don't know what to call it, let's go with faction of the rock and roll community and them I do have a problem with. I don't know how much of it is his fault. He mostly seems like an oblivious white guy which is a problem in and of itself but there are lots of oblivious white people. (Miles he's running for Senate. I'll get there.)

There are a lot of things I love but more and more it feels like I have to declare my presence and defend my blackness within certain spaces I've enjoyed for years. And while I've never been exactly okay with that when it comes to rock and roll, it feels less like people who are ignorant of what racism is and do not understand what they are doing and more akin something more insidious.

Since as long as I can remember I've always liked rock music. And since I can remember I've had to fight people both black and white who refuse to acknowledge African American presence in within rock music.

And there is a reason for that.

There is a history of cultural appropriation of black music in this country. This can not be argued it is fact. In my younger days I may have shaken my fist at that but enough stuff that I like has been the result of cultural exchange that I generally view it as a positive thing.

Play that funky music white boy.

Just don't be a dick about it.

Black people are here. And we've always been here. Who do you think made the boogie in boogie rock.

I'm not or at least don't want to be one of those "white people are stealing the culture guys".  (Though there is some stuff about royalties that's pretty messed up.) But when people who play boogie rock, punk, metal or even country decide to be racist dicks it kind of feels like getting kicked out your own house.

Again Kid Rock mostly to me seems oblivious.

He doesn't understand what racism is or that since he's running for Senate it actually matters now that he doesn't. For the record, the reason why the Kaepernick boycott hit a nerve is because Kaepernick is simply a man saying that he has grievances with his country via a gesture and the idea that black people are not allowed to acknowledge that they have a "complicated" relationship to thier patriotism for "reasons" is racist.

Or If I am a black man in America am I not allowed to express my grievances with my country and seek to have them redressed? If your answer is no you might be a racist.

That if Tom Brady "were doing it (he) would have no problem finding a job" is actually something to be a little upset about.

That being said I mostly think that  Kid Rock isn't malicious he's just kind of dumb. At least too dumb to understand racial politics.

But you know who ain't.

Man you used to be cool.

I might be wrong. I thought the same thing about Trump but in 2 years time nobody will remember Kid Rock was flirting with a Senate Run, but Ted Nugent has done and said enough dumb shit with an ear to the president that I can't give him a pass.

While Kid Rock is what made my brain go here. Nugent is a true example the co-opting of rock and roll by racist assholes.

And it bothers me okay.

It sucks when it's science fiction, it sucks when it's video games. But damn it this is the house that Chuck built.

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