Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Monday, August 14, 2006

It never stops

Spinning round and round
It never stops
Not for me not for anybody
I ain't special
Cause the world doesn’t stop spinning
Everybody’s got their own shit to deal with
And every body has it better and worse than somebody else
So what’s the point in lying in self pity

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Though the Looking Glass Are We

Down the rabbit hole
we tumble as partisanship increases our troubles.
The leadership just ain’t there but blaming folk just a’int fair.
While people grumble in the wings the country continues to fumble.
Moreover, finding true unbiased truth in these polarized days is too too rare Because everything,
including the misinformation and the dissemination of opinion as fact screams eat me, drink me.
When all it does is cause our minds to shrink when we think its making us grow


I ask you to make up your own damn mind and stop screaming
off with his slash her head.
When somebody seems to have made up their mind, let them.
Rather than screaming and hitting them with faulty reasoning and saying, “he be keen on treasoning”.

This is why the ballot is anonymous.
This is why we have freedom of press.
Not to force opinion, but to allow it
This is the key that will lead us out of this mad tea party of the parties.
Through the looking glass are we

Sunday, July 2, 2006


Freedom is the existence of choice. Whether or not humanity has choice is obvious. We do. The question should be how much choice and in extension how much freedom do we have. Can I choose what my opinion is. My favorite color is red. Out of all the colors of the world why did I choose it? To quote the matrix. I already know the choice I’ve made now I have to know why. Were the reasons why I chose the color red as my favorite color under my control or maybe there were reasons outside of my control. My mother’s favorite color is red. Red is one of the three patriotic colors. It also happens to be a color assoiciated with a lot of symbolism. I had no control over these facts. Did they take the choice out of my hands.

The opposite of freedom is fate. Fate is the lack of choice. How much of existence is due do the choices that individuals made or factors that were out of their control such as the weather or an unexpected event. This is a debate theologists and philosophers have dealt with for centuries. How much free will did God give us.

Apart from God there is also society. Do I believe murder is wrong because of my own conclusions or because society says its wrong. I like to believe I make up my own mind on maters like this but my environment does play a role. How much of a role does it play. Everybody has things they would kill for. A mother would kill to protect her child, and a soldier will kill to protect his or her country. Are these archetypical ideals shared throughout humanity or are they cultural.

Family, patriotism, self preservation how much of what a person does in these situation is instinctual. Some people believe that humans don’t have much left, but we still have compulsions that we can’t control. We wish to live, mate, eat, drink, sleep. Biology takes choice away from me. I can chose not to eat for a day but eventually hunger will enter my mind like a gnat gnawing on a leaf. Eventually I would become to feel irritable. Then I would start to feel fatigued. These feelings strongly encourage me to eat every four to six hours. The only control I have over them is to avoid hunger.

This brings up another point, consequence. Is the choice between a rock and a hard place a choice? If I do thing A and thing A gives me a beneficial result and if I do thing B and thing B gives me a negative result I am more likely to repeat thing A than I am to repeat Thing B. Is this a choice?

Ultimately I believe that freedom is limited. I can make choices but I am not always in control over the factors that affects those choice.

What's My Worth

How do I measure my worth
The job I have
The house I own
The wife I love
The joy I bring
The money I make
The life I live
The character I have gained through thought and strife.
How do I measure my worth

Friday, June 30, 2006


Some days I think I know pain
That my lot is unfair and bare
But then I remember that I still have chance
My book is unwritten, my eyes still open
Some don’t have that
I still do not know death

Very Few people who I have known in my life are dead
I know for sure I live
My mother and father are living
And so I should continue to honor them
And the gift of life God has given me

I must continue and have hope that when my last days do come
The man I am now will be able to be proud and unashamed
Of the man I have become
And for that to occur
I must stand and not wallow in the days of darkness

Heart of Bohemia

Free livin’
Free Roamin’
Free Thinkin’
Just letin' the revelations come slowly
Cause when they come quickly
They leave quickly
And I want to keep those glimpses of truth
Because from the glimpses I eventually see a larger view
Of what is truth

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My one True fear

I was once asked what I feared
My first response was heights
I was wrong
All my life I was told I was odd
Strange, Eccentric, Touched, weird, maybe insane
And I wonder
Am I the only one
Who thinks similar thoughts
Who dreams similar dreams
Who fears
And sometimes wants to disappear
That is the one fear that makes me cry
Am I alone
Hope No
But Still
Am I alone
I’m not I know
But Still
Am I alone
But then when sorrow comes I moan
I am Alone

Love’s Reprise

Okay Okay I was a little harsh
But my heart’s on a bit of a march
I need a girlfriend
And spring is calling
I feel I’ve got the time to spend
And may be my heart won’t rend.

A woman who will give me joy.
Sly and Coy
Wild and at the same time mild
Quick on her feet
She’ll make me jump out of my seat.
And give a small quiet wink.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Lost

One side is Oblivious.
The other, definitely not in genius.
And the two can never come to an
While their guns go a blastin’ at home
And away
The country is fasting
And is fastly withering away
To an unfair dispair

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Bohemian Cacophony

Harmony yes but its also about embracing
The cacophony.
irration and passion.
The moment moves ,
The moment creates a sound all its own,
Sometimes out o’ sync with the ones before,
And the ones to follow

But that don’t make it hollow
It’s still beautiful
Cause it exists
And to ignore it
Is to resist
The truth of this little note
That too often stands alone

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Return to Life

I’ve found at last what I lost
The knowledge that time flows and twists and turns
And that there’s more than what I see
To stop worrying about cost
I’m now free
I can do anything
At the drop of a hat
Keep on livin’
I was bound by my own mind
There are no limits
None at all
The world turns
And order never lasts
There are more options just A and B
More than a to z

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I believe that I am curious,
But in these times it is becoming harder to utilize
That sense.
Society says I should specialize.
Its getting harder to explore a new idea.
Because in exploration
One must move from one place to the next.
And from mountain to ocean
I think we have forgotten this notion.
Is it a good thing that mental nomads are becoming extinct.
Is my curiosity going to have to go down the sink

Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Tale

I walked along and saw this crazy dazed out cat
He said hey man where we at
I told him
Were close to the old rail road tracks
Yawning with a tired look on his face
He had good cause for leavin’ this place
To find a good solid trace of humanity, and joviality
This is my tale which I hope has failed not to make your mind gale.

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