Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Wolf’s Eye, Dogs’ Sigh

I’m fed, I’m clothed but something’s missin’
Do I have a soul or is this freggin life of mine so trite
and so full of strife that it ain’t worth it
Should I run like a wolf and howl to be free
Should I remain like a pent up dog loyal and true to my masters’ call
But in these four walls

Wolf or dog
Soul or life
Rebel or tame

Do I have the eye
Would I blink
If ever I were on the brink
Of freedom or destruction

It all comes down to courage
What do I have to fear
Like a dog I am happy
But does that joy come from a dog’s unawareness
Will I stay as I am, and sigh only looking outside

Do I forget that being a wolf means a life of as much sacrifice
As the life of a dog
So I hunt for myself instead of my master
So what my master feeds me instead of me feeding myself

I have pride.
I was born a wolf.
I will not become a dog now

I have the eye
Others back down

Am I the leader of the pack
Or perhaps a lone wolf
An omega
Or maybe a little of all of them

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