Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Mind Conversation under Pressure

You know this stuff
I got this in the bag
Let’s do this
Man this easy

Ah man I don’t know this one
Skip it
But I studied this one
A few minutes then
I still don’t get it
Write the formulas on the back of your paper
Bump it

Know these
But the one before
Lets take a look at it
It’s obvious
Why didn’t I see it before

Crap only thirty minutes left
Don’t worry you have only ten problems left
Why did I spend so much time on that last one
Thirty divided by ten
Three minutes per problem
You can do that

Ah man class is almost over
Five problems oin ten minutes no prob

Shit! Five minutes three problems
time to just guess
Twenty minus 3 equals seventeen
Seventeen out of twenty that’s still a B right
What if I get more wrong
Don’t worry

Its finally over
Was worried for a sec
Think I did Okay

Shit my mom is going to kill me when she sees this
So many stupid mistakes
Why didn’t I check

Look don’t beat yourself up
All you can do is learn from this mistake and try harder next time
But nothing

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