Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Office Max

Mrs. Allans
Ms. Rayne
Dr. Cortez
Mr. Evans
Damian Evans.


This play as about what goes on in high school office. Although some scenes my take place out side the office everything comes to or originates within it.
Scene 1 office
Kyle is sitting in a chair as Mike walks in and sits next to him.
Kyle: I never thought I’d see you in here. What cha do.

Mike: It was some BS. I didn’t even do anything. This teacher just has it out for me,
James looks up

Kyle: They all do man. Let’s face it. In their eyes we’re peons. That’s why I’m in here. They’re all a bunch of fascists who eliminate anybody who doesn’t breath like them.

Mike: So how’d you end up in this rot hole?

Kyle: Same as you. Some teacher with an ax to grind decided he needed to make an example out of me to strike fear in to the hearts of the others. Like that would work. Anyway that’s my story. Well at least I’m not in class. This place is pretty interesting if you look around.

Scene 2 office Behind the Desk

Mrs. Allans: Excuse me Dr. Cortez.

Dr. Cortez: Yes Mrs. Allans

Mrs. Allans: I was wondering if I could take the students on a field trip to the Ford plant.

Dr. Cortez: I’m sorry but it just isn’t in the budget.

Mrs. Allans: They could learn quite a bit about manufacturing procedures.

Dr. Cortez: I’m sure they could but the school does not have the money for it.

Mrs. Allans: What if the students raised the money for it

Dr. Cortez: I’m sorry but that isn’t an option it would take to long and the school would have to start making preparations for the trip. Look, if you do find the money I will see what I can do, but until then I am afraid my answer is no.

Mrs. Allans: Yes, Sir.

Scene 3

Mrs. Allans: I so frustrated.

Mrs. Rayne: Well I told you he probably wouldn’t go for it, but he did say if you found the money right.

Mrs. Allans: Yeah

Mrs. Rayne: Get off your but and search for it. I know you think the parents in this community don’t care but maybe they do ask for their support.

Mrs. Allans: Maybe I will. Goodbye.

Mrs. Rayne: See ya on Monday.

Scene 4
A parent is standing at the offices desk.

Mrs. Rayne: Hello. How may I help you?

Mr. Evens: Hi, I have an appointment to see the principle.

Mrs. Rayne: His office is on the third door to the left.

Mrs. Evans walks off stage and then knocks on a door. Opens it and then sits down in front of Dr. Cortez’s desk.

Mr. Evans: Hello I’m Frank Evans. I here to talk about my son’s suspension.

Dr. Cortez: Good morning Mr. Evans. Did you read the report that was sent home with him.

Mr. Evans: Yes I did. I just don’t believe it is fair for him to get a suspension for such a minor offence. I am afraid of what it will do for his grades.

Dr. Cortez: I understand that Sir, but I can’t make allowances. The fact of the matter is that your son broke the rules. If I allowed a lesser punishment for him I would have to make a lesser punishment for a lot of other parents. Although your son may be a good student there are a lot of other students in the same situation who are more mischievous.
If I lessened the punishment on your son, other people who do not deserve my sympathy
would ask it.

Mr. Evans: I understand that but could you make one exception Sir.

Dr. Cortez: I’m afraid not. However I will inform his teachers that he is worried about his grades and ask them to give him his work in advanced. Also I will see if any of his teachers or friends will be able to tutor him, and help him get caught up.

Mr. Evans: I don’t know if that will be enough.

Dr. Cortez: It’s all I can do.

Mr. Evans: You could allow my son back in school.

Dr Cortez: I already told you I can’t.

Mr. Evans: Why not?

Dr. Cortez: I already told you why not.

Mr. Evans: You would if you knew him. He is on the honor roll, and in the band. He does tons of community service. He’s a good kid.

Dr. Cortez: That may be but I am responsible for enforcing the rules, and that means enforcing punishments as well.

Mr. Evans: I can’t take no for an answer.

Dr. Cortez: I am afraid you have too. I am not going to change his punishment.

Mr. Evans: Then I will take this to the school board. Good day.

Scene 5
Mr. Evans home

Damian Evans is lying on a couch, as Frank Evans walks though a door.

Damian Evans: So am I going back to school dad?

Frank Evans: I’m afraid not.
For a moment a look of joy is visible on Damian’s face.

Frank Evans: Your principle is an inflexible idiot.

Damian Evans: I already knew that.

Frank Evans: Yeah, but I didn’t. Anyway since we now know you won’t be in school for a while. Let’s sets down some ground rules. First of all you will receive work from school. I want it done by the time I return from work each day. Also you are on punishment. Don’t go anywhere, watch TV or go on the internet. Got that.

Damian: Yes Dad.

Frank Evans: Oh yeah. Don’t hook up with Gabby.

Damian: Come on. I was planning on that date all week.

Frank Evans: Then you shouldn’t have gotten your butt suspended.

Damian: Please.

Frank Evans: Hell no! I had to miss work for this shit. You’re staying here.

Damian: Okay

Frank: Alright I got to head out. Don’t pull anything stupid.

Damian: You know me. I’m smarter than that.

Frank: That’s what I’m afraid of sometimes your too damn smart for your own good. That and you you’re not smart enough to know when your being to damn smart for your own good. See ya.
Scene 6

A student walks in and stands in front of the desk of the office.

Mrs. Rayne: Hello. How may I help you?

Jasmine: Yeah I would like a phone call.

Mrs. Rayne: Do you have fifty cents.

Jasmine: Here you go.

Mrs. Rayne: Dial 9 to call out.

Jasmine picks up a phone and dials.

Jasmine: Hey, Is Kevin there.

Kevin: What’s up?

Jasmine: Could you pick me up/

Kevin: What for?

Jasmine: My car’s in the shop.

Kevin: What’d you do to it?

Jasmine: I didn’t do shit some asshole cut me off!

Kevin: Yeah right. I know how you drive. Chances are you were the a**hole.

Jasmine: Shut up and just pick me up.

Kevin: Okay. Okay.

Jasmine: I get out of drama rehearsal at six.

Kevin: See ya.

Scene 7
At 6:00 in Kevin’s car
Kevin turns on rap music. Jasmine changes the channel. Kevin changes back.

Kevin: You lookin’ to walk home.

Jasmine: I was only thinking that we could use some R&B.

Kevin: In the words of my father and his father before him “Don’t touch a black man’s stereo.” Plus what do you have against Fifty.

Jasmine: I was in the mood for somethin’ a little softer. You know.

Kevin: Okay give me this song and, then I’ll put it on some Temptations. We tight.

Jasmine: We tight?

Kevin: So why’d you call me instead of ridin’ with one of your girls?

Jasmine: We’ll I was thinking that maybe we could, you know, go some where tonight.

Kevin: Hold up. I thought you said we were through.

Jasmine: I said in the heat of the moment. Look I’m sorry about last night.

Kevin: You’re assuming a lot.

Jasmine: What do you mean.

Kevin: How do you know that one, I didn’t hook up with some one else between yesterday and today, two even if I didn’t t that I don’t agree that we’re through and three, that I would forgive you.

Jasmine looks sad.

Jasmine: I don’t know I just hoped-

Kevin: Don’t worry. I’m just f**king with you. Just like we were back together

They kiss.
Scene 8

The bell rings in the office

Kyle: Got to go man.

Mike: I still say nothing goes on in this place.

Kyle: Well let's agree to disagree. See ya.

Mike: Bye
Both guys walk off stage

The End

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