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Sunday, November 30, 2003

A Thought on the Issue of Race by a Young Black Man

The world tells me what like and dislike
The world tells me I how I act and think
I see those around me listening to the world and falling below the ground
And I wonder if this is due to a difference of style
The bullheadedness of youth
Or the harshness of the city
I can’t speak for the city
I do not live in it and I was not born in it
I can however discuss what I think and what I see
I wonder what of this culture should I accept as culture
And what of this culture I should accept as I, farce, and mockery
I can respect rap
I do
Tupac and Dre

50 cent and Lil John
I think they are fools
doing and saying nothing
And making it seem great
by having wealth and power
They don’t use
Nor do they use their own style but water down the styles of
those came before them

Enough of That
Once I doubted my own blackness
The world does not tell us
that what we see on TV
and on the movie screen
and on MTV
is often a stereotype
easily identifiable
to sell
and gain our
our hard earned dollars

but now I realize
That as long as I take pride
in the strength courage and creativity
of those of my race that came before
I am doing all I can do to be black
That and try to make sure that my people do not become
what the world tells them they are

This country was built on the backs of my forbearers
for more than slavery
For more than war
For more than entertainment
For more than athletics
For more than manufacturing
For more than art
And even though we were its legs
We were treated as a canker
We were constantly told we were a problem
Then that we had problems
We do but we must believe we can rise above them
For my ancestors did time and time again

We must speak together
Work together
Laugh together
And cry together

Friday, November 14, 2003

My Dark Mask

My mind feels the anger long before it reaches my face.
Long before anyone ever thinks there is a trace.
And trust me its there.
Within a maelstrom of furious spite
I almost start fights
As my feelings of blight
Change my peaceful sight

Monday, November 10, 2003

The Day Dream

Another time
Another Place

Different Body
Different Face
Same Jacket
Same Jeans
Same Boots

Riding down a dusty long abandoned desert road on the back of
A metal two wheeled beast moving fast and hard
Land blazing in a blur
I turn quickly in a whir

I leap off because of a challenge
Head over legs
While in one quick motion
I unsheathe my mighty sword

Held in two hands
I swing it at my enemy’s lighter blade
She dodges and prepares to strike
I block and parry her attack
And strike again
Knocking her blade from her hands
We yield and sit on the sand

After the display of skill and might we talk
Of battle and tactics
Of the world as we know it
And finally
Of love

Escape the Fantasy

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