Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Shadow Grips

I let go
In my woe
I don’t care about
About ethics
Or methods

I want to see Wrath
Both my own and others
I start to scream the word dare

How dare
I dare
I dared

Voices rising
Eyes glaring
The fighting of wills
Both never looking back
Never turning back
Never falling back

Darkness at Night

Blind. The darkness enwraps me
I can not see if it’s a harmless sparrow
Or a thief
Or a murderer

Run get to the light as swift as you can.
Honks on the street
Metal things going way to fast
Spurts of light creating wild shadows
But never enough to bring the calm

Shadows and Sounds
Chaos and the Unknown
I just want to reach home


There never hath been a story of more woe
Love lost, love had. It all ends so so sad
Than that of Juliet and her Romeo
Death leads love down a path so so bad

Through break up or divorce or crushing death
Love never ends a rose but a weed
Over grown, overblown. It does take my breath
I hope no one ever plants that dark seed

Keep it from me. Should I remain stoic
And not let of that love feelings fester
Stone hard, Iron cold would that make me more heroic
Love, it should never be my grand master

And what of all the hero’s horrid woe
In that sad grand tale of Othello

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Conversation with my Hyde

Come on kid let me out.
Hell no! I can feel you I know what you’ll do if I let you out.
Come on you need me. I know you call on me.
Yeah but I’ve never let you out raw.
Why don’t you?
Because you’re all passion and fire
Anger and Ire
You my friend are destruction incarnate.

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