Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Friday, June 30, 2006


Some days I think I know pain
That my lot is unfair and bare
But then I remember that I still have chance
My book is unwritten, my eyes still open
Some don’t have that
I still do not know death

Very Few people who I have known in my life are dead
I know for sure I live
My mother and father are living
And so I should continue to honor them
And the gift of life God has given me

I must continue and have hope that when my last days do come
The man I am now will be able to be proud and unashamed
Of the man I have become
And for that to occur
I must stand and not wallow in the days of darkness

Heart of Bohemia

Free livin’
Free Roamin’
Free Thinkin’
Just letin' the revelations come slowly
Cause when they come quickly
They leave quickly
And I want to keep those glimpses of truth
Because from the glimpses I eventually see a larger view
Of what is truth

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My one True fear

I was once asked what I feared
My first response was heights
I was wrong
All my life I was told I was odd
Strange, Eccentric, Touched, weird, maybe insane
And I wonder
Am I the only one
Who thinks similar thoughts
Who dreams similar dreams
Who fears
And sometimes wants to disappear
That is the one fear that makes me cry
Am I alone
Hope No
But Still
Am I alone
I’m not I know
But Still
Am I alone
But then when sorrow comes I moan
I am Alone

Love’s Reprise

Okay Okay I was a little harsh
But my heart’s on a bit of a march
I need a girlfriend
And spring is calling
I feel I’ve got the time to spend
And may be my heart won’t rend.

A woman who will give me joy.
Sly and Coy
Wild and at the same time mild
Quick on her feet
She’ll make me jump out of my seat.
And give a small quiet wink.

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