Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Friday, April 30, 2004

Fun at Night

I look up at the big black blue,
Wondering what am I going to do.
Stars barely in sight,
Making me realize I have no clue,
What I dare do on this night.

Shall I walk the streets to a pub?
Or maybe dance around at a night club?
Plenty of things to see and hear
Maybe I go eat, and grab some grub
For I have nothing to fear

For this is night my dear
My time
Every thing is oh so clear
And every one is in such good cheer
We are all here to wine and dine.
And have a great fine time.

The Beast

I feel and fear what is deep within
The growing beast
Born of hatred and destruction and honor as well
Yes honor
Insulted Pounded honor
The honor bore the anger
The anger bore the rage
The rage bore the hatred
The hatred---bore--- the--- beast
But at its core the beast is still the honor
It runs and jumps and punches and pounces
But it laughs and plays and sleeps and eats
It yells and cries a bit too
It helps me compete with all the rest
And stays with me lest
I lose this creature wild and free
and become what I hate to be
boring and simple and stupid and stuck
Without it I would lose my Puck

Monday, April 5, 2004


What life shall I make
A life of my own stake
Style and guile
Take me around
I hope its found
Before this life goes into the next
And the ship crashes into the wrecks
And the decks
Rot away

And all that I have to say
Is silenced and waylaid
Across the stars and time
Perhaps without rhyme

I walk this day
My own way
With a fey
A muse of heart and soul
As she cajoles
At my spirit

Helping me to again feel it
What was once thought to be lost
Was just lying as quiet as a mouse
But at last I sense it again in my house

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