Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Saturday, June 30, 2007


I see something
I don’t know what it is that comes
My feet take wing
And that is when my body runs

With fear
is the feeling of freedom
the speed and the tear
as they both sear
through my mind

What am I running from?

Lost Emotion

Where is the passion
Where is the feeling.
I feel like its gone.
Where is the joy,
The anger
The sorrow
I feel like I have this hole in me
I don’t even know what was in it
What where the pieces that made me whole.


Don’t stop.
Always move.
Don’t stop.
Always Do.
Don’t stagnate
Stay in continuous motion

Of Kings

King of myself
King of my little world
That’s all I wanted
That’s all I still want
But some part of me wants more
When I was a kid I wanted to lead
But now, I’ve seen the king's job and I don’t want it
Maybe just doin’ right by folk is enough
But if I’m trapped in my own little world how do I help folk


I’m a frontiersmen with no frontier
No place to roam
No place to be alone
And see the skies and moon
Can’t spot the stars
But most of all
I can’t explore
Lands been found and bound
Its been charted and mapped
So many times
Its locked in a trap

Follow The Flow

Life’s an uncharted river
And to add to the confusion one can never tell where the tributaries lead
But the river following the river of life always leads to death
But we should not avoid the flow
We should follow it

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mad Guitar Envy/ A Drummers Revenge

Front men, Duck walkers, vocalists
These front runners pushing to the back
The beat runner of all the pack
(Insert who Drum Solo)… Pa palllalal Pa tich tich pa pall popalllal
The Drummer ( sung … The Drummmaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
The drummer
(Insert longer drum solo) Pa palllalal Pa tich tich pa pall popalllal tach tavch papllla palo tich
(pyrotechnic explosion)
Give him the props
Do the air drum
(Drum solo)
Heart and soul of the song core to the rhythm
to the beat
The Drummer
The Drummer


There is strife and there is hardship but I know there is also
It may seem trifle to say
But through all the struggle there is life
Where there is life there is the possibility for joy
So make noise
And live
Live as you please
For now there is life
It will not be here for long
No matter how strong
We all go
And it is true pain to live close
To a life a happiness
But never attempt to grasp it
Because of the fear that has a grasp on me
Fear of death and hardship
Fear of loneliness and sorrow
Fear of losing all I have
But there is much to gain through life.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I hate the Fall

Out the window I see green trees tipped with gold
Blue sky and yellow sun
It won’t last
The cold harsh white winter will come again
The days of struggle and survival will destroy those pretty leaves
and old heart of cold will once again make me bold

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