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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Letter to the Soul of a School

Dear people of my Southfield High,

I must have spent at least a fifth of my life in the building I call my school. Sometimes I despised it, and sometimes I loved it. I will miss some people and truly be saddened by their departure from my life, but there exist others who I couldn’t be more elated to be rid of.

As I think about the fact that I will be leaving not only the school but many of the friends I attended it with, I realize that I have left nothing there. I have no athletic records and I was not a prize winning student. The only things I can leave behind are my words. In my opinion they are the best thing I can leave because they are truth. They show now who I am, and later who I was.

I am a human being, a person. Some of us forget that is what mainly comprises a school, the people who gather within it. Teachers become annoyed at students. Students become angered by teachers. Teachers loath some students, and some of their associates. Some students despise their teachers as well as some of their peers. We forget that everyone in the school shares a bond. We forget that every one possesses joy, anger, and sorrow.

Empathy is the acceptance of this common bond of humanity. No matter how different some one is, no matter how much we fail to relate to each other, we can at least acknowledge this bond and attempt to understand one another through it. We can allow for the differences in opinion, interests, and opinions if we try to understand the emotion of our humanity.

We also forget that we are different. We can never fully understand what goes on in another person’s mind. We don’t know what other people go through. We need to keep this in mind when we form opinions about other people. Before reaching anger try to admit that he or she or I or you or we think differently. It is okay to be abnormal. In fact I say it’s normal to be abnormal.

Administration, students, and teachers are restricted by the system under which they work. We believe there is nothing we can to change some of the more oppressive aspects of this education system. I have called this school a prison on several occasions.

We are this school. The power to change it is within our hands. All we must do is stand and say “This isn’t working lets try this.” We aren’t as trapped as we think.
For my peers who like me are leaving, don’t forget. Don’t forget me. Don’t forget us. Don’t forget this place. Come back some time. See how it has changed. When the call comes to lift this place up let’s answer it. God knows it lifted us up. The people in this place had a major hand in forging not only the events of our lives but who we became and will become as people. I don’t want to forget.

Farewell, people of my school

X Out

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