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Monday, June 13, 2022

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Review: Love, Death and Robots: Volume 3

Love, Death and Robots volume 1 was really good but each return to the anthology has had diminishing returns. Specifically, volume 1 had twists that would turn each preceding story on its head leaving the viewer wondering what they had just witnessed. 

That's not really the case in volume 3 which is overall more predictable, more "what you see is what you get."

It still looks gorgeous, but it no longer feels as if each short justifies its own existence. 

Then again maybe it doesn't have to. Each short is still watchable even if I can't help but compare it to the absolute surprise and surprises that comprised volume 1. 

The best short of season 3 is probably "Swarm" but as soon as it's done introducing its premise becomes obvious about the direction it's taking.

David Fincher's "Bad Traveling" feels like it has to be more than it is only to reveal at the last second that it is. 

In a vacuum, volume 3 is watchable, especially considering its format and runtime. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long and there are only 9 of them. All in all, each season is about the length of a good movie.  But it feels as if the potential of the first volume has been lost.

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