Den of the Cyphered Wolf

Monday, November 10, 2003

The Day Dream

Another time
Another Place

Different Body
Different Face
Same Jacket
Same Jeans
Same Boots

Riding down a dusty long abandoned desert road on the back of
A metal two wheeled beast moving fast and hard
Land blazing in a blur
I turn quickly in a whir

I leap off because of a challenge
Head over legs
While in one quick motion
I unsheathe my mighty sword

Held in two hands
I swing it at my enemy’s lighter blade
She dodges and prepares to strike
I block and parry her attack
And strike again
Knocking her blade from her hands
We yield and sit on the sand

After the display of skill and might we talk
Of battle and tactics
Of the world as we know it
And finally
Of love

Escape the Fantasy

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