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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Though the Looking Glass Are We

Down the rabbit hole
we tumble as partisanship increases our troubles.
The leadership just ain’t there but blaming folk just a’int fair.
While people grumble in the wings the country continues to fumble.
Moreover, finding true unbiased truth in these polarized days is too too rare Because everything,
including the misinformation and the dissemination of opinion as fact screams eat me, drink me.
When all it does is cause our minds to shrink when we think its making us grow


I ask you to make up your own damn mind and stop screaming
off with his slash her head.
When somebody seems to have made up their mind, let them.
Rather than screaming and hitting them with faulty reasoning and saying, “he be keen on treasoning”.

This is why the ballot is anonymous.
This is why we have freedom of press.
Not to force opinion, but to allow it
This is the key that will lead us out of this mad tea party of the parties.
Through the looking glass are we

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