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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Audio for the Southfield Michigan March 21, 2011 City Council Meeting

Here is a raw audio from the March 21, 2011 Southfield CIty Council Meeting.

Topic Include
- 2 Liquor licenses. One for Lucky's Pub and Grille and another for McVee's Restaurant and Bar.

- The possibility and idea of a dog park in Southfield - The Park's and Recreation Master Plan

- A Planned Unit Development Ordinance, in particular several members including Councilman Lantz and Councilwoman Seymour were concerned that as worded the ordinance would remove the final approval of siteplans from city council.

- What would the city of Southfield have to do to in order to comply with new revenue sharing standards set by the state.
You can download an audio file of this meeting here and here.
You can see a packet for the meeting here.

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