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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Dirtbombs - Party Store Review

Party Store
The Dirtbombs

It's different. Not bad. But different. For the last decade the Dirtbombs have been the front runners of Detroit garage rock, and you hear the garage rock in there. It's not gone. It's just rapped in a techno flavored package that can seem jarring on a first listen. The tracks are good, but if you're expecting "Chains of Love" and "Wreck My Flow," that's not what this album is. The Dirtbombs have always been about taking Detroit's musical heritage and turning it into their own style. They've already touched on the Motown sound and the protopunk stylings of MC5 and Iggy Pop, but here they go into Detroit's electronica past. Like I said it can be weird if you listen to the Dirtbombs as the righteous upholders of dirty rock in a time of pop, but the tracks are actually really good and well worth a listen.

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