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Monday, March 28, 2011

My Boring Life

Well, I am once again finding myself in a general case of writer's block. I'm hoping the city council meeting I'm going to attend in two hours will cure me of that. Besides that I'm afraid that I am not in the mood to be the misanthrope. Nothing has happened in the last few days to make me see red. So here is some boring crap that's going on.

Over the weekend I played Civilization 5. I like it. I conquered pretty much all of Asia save Japan and have my eyes on Europe. I am however afraid that my wars have caused me to run up a huge deficit and am trying to get workers to construct roads to better allow trade in my newly conquered territories, mostly, what is geographically China.

I'm watching Dead Like me on Netflix. I really relate to George Lass.

I started practicing guitar again. I'll probably post me improvising a song later.

I raked some leaves and got 20 bucks Saturday.

Went to the store bought a case of green beans, but a can in the case was busted and I got rotten green bean juice on my jeans.

I'm working on Game but I already said that.

Um. Started re-reading the last book in Animorphs while I made dinner yesterday. I keep forgetting how much I liked that series as a kid.

Watched a few episodes of Linkara's History of Power Ranger's series.


That's about it. Sorry folks I'm just not that interesting.

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