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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Game: Dead on Arrival

Note: This is a preview for an idea I had for a story. It came from a dream and I'm writing it here mostly so I don't forget it later. It takes place in the Game continuity after the events of Game: Start which isn't even done yet. Heck I don't even remember if I named it Game Start on here or just on the word file.

Beta Report
Game: Cabalsoft Dead on Arrival DLC Pack
Player: Seamus Zelaney
Gamertag: Forge

I liked to play your space MMORPG Cross not for the combat, but for the economic aspects of game. I viewed myself as a merchant traveling the stars. To be honest I had forgotten I had signed up for this beta until you guys flipped the switch.

One day while piloting my craft in Cross I came across an unusual space station. It's hard to describe what drew me to it. It was just odd. I docked my craft at one of the bays but immediately after I connected it started to degrade. My instruments reported a breach in the hull and the craft leaking air.

I left my ship and entered the station. I first saw a young woman not much older than myself. She seemed to be wearing standard space marine gear. I asked her, "PC or NPC?"

"I'm PC Damn it. That fucker!"


"When I got here there was this little purple blob monster. I know how these things run. So I stepped on it to crush it, but now my boot's stuck to the floor. That thing is still alive and it won't let go. Damn it. It even hurts. The games never hurt. At least not like this. Fuck."

The girl took out a side arm and tried to aim it at the blob without hitting her foot.
"Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"Shut up. It's all I can think of at the moment."
She then fired.

Shooting the creature did nothing but soon after we heard a noise. Then we saw it, around the corridor corner, what looked like hundreds of blobs rushing towards her. In that moment I realized two things. I had no weapons and the girl had no chance. I ran.

As I looked behind me I saw as the blobs converged upon the girl. After that I only looked forward.

As I ran I realized that the corridor was patterned in a square. If I continued to run as I was, I would end up right back where I started, but there were three exits, the docking station which was now a dead end, a stairwell and an elevator. I figured the doors would protect me so I tried the elevator hoping it would open quickly before those things had a chance to show me what exactly they did to her.

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