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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Thoughts on Word Press

So I was considering switching up and putting this blog on Word press last week. Everyone says word press is for the more professional blogger and like I said I would like to turn this thing into a semi-professional enterprise if I can. I got to word press and quickly changed my mine here is why.

3. Header control - I don't know why, but I couldn't get my header to look right on word press. On blogger it looks close to perfect. I'll probably redesign it one of these days but I was under the impression that I could import things in a few hours and the header thing was frustrating.

2. Money - A lot of the features of WordPress cost money. Some though not all I could get for free on blog spot.

1. HTML- Everybody says that WordPress is more customizable, but there I have less control over the html. On blogger I can pop in a bunch of third party widgets and if I wanted to add some of my own I could. Although WordPress is a big playground it still has fences.

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