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Monday, March 14, 2011


Come at me my musical enemy.

Ah, Mars Bringer of War. Now that's real music. Anyway this the post where I get all my Black Eyed Peas rage out. Yes it will be juvenile and nick picky, and vindictive but...

Lets get started shall we. First off let me say that I used to love the Peas. Also I have nothing against artists who decide to change styles, except Common. He lost his mind on Universal Mind Control. I loved Brodie Dale in the Distillers and I love her still in Spinnerette.
Old Brody

New Brody

Same could be said about Linkin Park.

Old Linkin Park

New Linkin Park

The problem is it seems to me that the Peas stopped trying when they changed styles. It just feels like those other bands were trying to get out of their comfort zone while the Peas felt that going the direction they went in was easier. Which brings me to one of the big reasons why I dislike them. Around the same time as The Peas' Album Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D.) came out The electronica Kings The Prodigy came out with a better album, Invaders Must Die. I don't mean kind of better. We're talking Vanilla Ice vs Run-D.M.C. better here.

Guess which one got more stateside air play that summer. Yeah the Peas were everywhere even though their album sucked, and worse the critics gave them a pass on that shit. What the hell.

And here I go with Fergie. Fergie is in the cadre of songstresses who can sing, but refuse to. Check out Slash's rerecording of Paridise City on his eponymous album . As much as I am loath to admit it, I hate Fergie less than I hate Axl and am willing to reluctantly admit that while she doesn't top him she does a decent job with the song.

My problem with the Peas is basically since Monkey Business they stopped trying, and why should I blame them. The public eats their shit up. They've become a bad parody of themselves and people are just going with it. It's like a bad dream and I can't wake up.

Old Peas

Middle Peas

New Peas


This is my feeling.

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