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Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Bastards Made Me Write About My Blog On My Blog. I Hate You.

You people. Yooooooou people! You always give me more hits when I talk about my blog than when I do anything else on my blog. Do you know how recursive that is? "Forget the literature. Forget the city hall meetings. How about a dude on the internet talking about the internet?"

Fine. Fine. I will talk about my blog on my blog. Ingrates.

In this post I'm talking about two things. First how my blog got started.

The Great Big Binder of Stuff.
The short version is this blog got started because I am a bad son.

The long version is that I had this great big binder of stuff I wrote, and as you can imagine, you ask your friends to read a great big binder of stuff you write the answer won't exactly be yes.

For a while I toyed with the idea of either trying to get a publisher or putting it online, but never did anything.

Then in the summer of '09 my mom wanted to do some gardening, but, and she is going to kill me for saying this, she's was getting older and her knees were starting to hurt. She wanted me to help her do the gardening. Yeah, I didn't want to so every time she would ask I would say I was doing this. By the end of the summer, I had most of that big binder of stuff digitized at least in drafts on blogger.

Next I want to talk about influences. Now Let me explain right now this blog isn't much but these are guys I look at and say you know I would kind of like do that or be like this.

Tech TV

Back in the day I loved Tech Tv. I could write an entire article on how Comcast screwed it over. But, while I had it was beautiful. It was a channel devoted to everything nerdy. It had computer tutorials

Tech News

Tech Reviews

and even shows about nerd culture before talking about nerd culture became cool.

It was beautiful. I might get a lot of grief but I also liked G4 before the two were merged, but that's a different story.

Why did I love these two channels. They didn't just inform me. They entertained me and in a lot of ways provided me with a mirror of myself. I could learn, "Hey. I'm not the only guy into this, or that."

TechTv isn't around any more but a lot the old personalities of the channel have their own projects. Kevin Rose and Patrick Norton broadcast on Revision3. Sarah Lane and Leo Laporte do their thing on Twit, and if I ever feel really really nostalgic I can always watch a bunch of the old shows on youtube.

Internet Content Makers
Beyond TechTV I'm also inspired by other internet content makers like those guys at That Guy With The Glasses who pretty much shot a feature length movie in 4 days.

I also really get inspired at the work the guys at Reckless Tortuga and Spill and the Guild do

The Early Stone

Most people now a days think of The Rolling Stone from what it was in the 90's mainly entertainment based but in the 60's up until about the 90's it was 50/50. It was a magazine about the counter culture and while it was about the culture it was also about the politics of the culture. You've got guys like Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Wolfe doing their. In the 2000's it started to recover a lot of it's old rep with stories like Generation Kill.

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