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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Boring Life Part Two

Okay well first off I told my mother I would wash dishes so I should get on that.

I should also write up some of the stuff that happened at the city council meeting last night My tape recorder accidentally fell out of my bag before I left so I need to be a bit more detailed on this one. Nothing major happened, mostly a fairly lengthy conversation about whether the light and sound from a new McDonald's would be a detriment to the residents living near by.

I'm thinking of trying to post me reading a monologue from Othello, The Turk and the Venetian. And maybe goofing around on my guitar. I should also work a bit on Game.

I also told Dad I would help him post some pictures of himself on Facebook. He's asking me about whether certain stuff is appropriate for Facebook, but I hardly ever post pictures of myself on it so I wouldn't know. I do think that my parents have a tendency to be a bit too formal on it. You do not need to sign your name after you write on someones wall.

Before I do all that I'm thinking of making myself some breakfast. I didn't really cook yesterday though I made myself two sandwiches and ate a few bananas. I'm mildly hungry.

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