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Friday, March 18, 2011

Game:Chapter 4 Draft 1 Fight

After a long night of writing down ideas for his class, Henri was cyber trancing with his girlfriend, he was lying down on a couch face up with his head in her lap in their mental apartment. The apartment was not unlike their real ones. It was small with plain walls and a hard wood floor. When the day was over and all that needed to be said and done was said and done, they liked to just sit, not talking but just being.

"So Han, what's the plan for tomorrow?"


"The game," Elizabeth said, while lightly punching his arm.

"Oh that, well you and the guys already know the rules, so I thought we'd improvise."

"We need a plan."

"Don't worry about it. We'll have time to come up with one in the war room, and the terrain is randomized so any plan we came up with we would have to adapt on the spot."

"Fair enough, but you should probably at least get some sleep," Elizabeth said, kissing Henri's forehead.

"You're probably right, but I do some of my best work on caffeine. A few more minutes won't cost us the game."

"Still, if I believe your stories of the old days we are in for one hell of a fight."
The first to arrive to the mutual war room were Henri and Seamus.

"Sup," Henri said.

"That's all you can say."

"Hey, it's too early to be verbose."

"Heard that brother. While kicking your ass I'm going to have to listen to battle track number 9."

"'Symphony of Destruction'? I'm going with 'Battle Without Honor or Humanity myself.' I know your girl and your cousin. So who else you get to roll in your crew?

"I let my cousin handle it."

"Man, you do live on the edge."

"Heads up we have incoming."
The two turned their heads, to see Alexandria and Silvia materializing into the war room.

"Universe is on his way I'm sad to say," Silvia said.
At nearly the same time Zach arrived with two others, a boy and a girl.

"I know you." said the girl.

"You two are students of mine, Jo and Mr. I have to."

"Call me Mike."

"Got it. "

"Alright let's generate that map," Hank said.

The walls of the common war room began to shift into what appeared to be glass windows. Outside there was an endless craggy desert landscape. The war room was positioned a great height above the ground.

"We already decided you guys would be the defenders. Go do what you need to do," Silvia said.

With that Hammer's team shifted away. They were still in the room but they could neither perceive, nor be perceived by Silver's team.

"That point," said Hammer pointing to a mesa in the distance," I think that is where we should set up. It's not as high as the war room but it's higher than most everything else. Heck it's even high enough that their mortars might not be able to reach us."

"That's wishful thinking. And heck what's to say they don't grab a chopper with their points?" Liz said," I say we dig tunnels under the sand, create a system of ropes that we can use the tension to determine where they are and strike like a trap-door spider, quick and clean."

Jo and Mike looked at each other scared.

"I don't know if we have the time for that."

"We do if we all get started. Then two will be spotters keeping an eye on the ropes, two of us will mobilize, and whoever is left can man a sniper rifle on the that mesa you seem so determined to climb," Liz said.

"Standard Rook - Vet team up?" Hank said

"Why not? Jo you're with me. We'll ride out on a jeep. I'm driving you're shooting."

"Zach, you and Mike are our spotters. You'll be on the mesa with me but all you're doing is telling us where you see movement. Jo and me are doing the shooting," said Hank.

"Ah come on. I wanna make stuff go boom," said Zach.

"You heard 'em. But that gives me an idea. Instead of ropes we put in small mines. Not powerful enough to knock 'em out, but enough to give off a poof of sand. Zach you know how to calculate distance based on how tall the blasts appear to you."

"I don't want small explosions! I want a Fourth of July extravaganza!"

"Zach!" both Liz and Hank said simultaneously.

"Alright I'll mine the northwest quadrant, Zach you take the Southwest, the rooks will handle the Northeast and Hammer here will take the Southeast." said Liz

"Did I mention how much I love you when you talk tactics?"

"No and don't. This isn't the time Han."

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