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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Game Bible: Part 2 Tech

Seed-A seed is a computer that can interact with a computer chip in the brain.

Virtual Reality- One of the most common uses of the seed is the creation and use of virtual reality.

Time Dilation- While in virtual reality the seed can change people's perception of time.

Mental Division- While in virtual reality people can interact and project copies of themselves.

Personality Back Up - People can take a personality snapshot of themselves and recall that back up later as mental division.

Memory BackUp - The Seed can back up memories and project them in the virtual reality.

Downloads- People can use the seed to download information, images, and, video directly into the brain.

Communication- The seed allows for telepathic communication.

AI Avatar- The seed allows for a mental A.I Companion

Identity Authentication- The original use of the seed was to verify identity.

Altered Sensory Perception- Seeds can alter how human beings perceive sensory information such as temperature, light intensity, and sound and speed.

Environmental Measurement- Some seeds can independently measure their environment and relay that information directly to the brain.

Calculation / Data Manipulation- Seeds can quickly take data and calculator other values with it.

Time Keeping- The seed comes with a system clock.


If people want to they can download their personality backups or A.I.s into humanoid bodies.


People can project holograms. In conjunction with seeds it is even possible for people to transmit a projection of themselves into these holograms.

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