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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seven Ladies: Prologue Draft 1

This is an old story I was working on in high school. I haven't worked on it in a while and have a bunch of other stuff in the queue. Even if I did, I decided to go into another direction and already rewrote the prologue a while ago. Anyway I thought it might be fun for you guys to read.

The Birth of the seven ladies and their Realms
There was first the immortal lady of the sky, Heathena who ruled over Acena and forged it into something great. In her domain knowledge and justice ruled. Eventually she fell in love married and gave birth to eight immortal daughters like herself and one son.

The daughters grew and soon wanted each of their own realms. Heathena gave into them and gave to each of them a portion of her own realm and giving them power over those realms but kept her great city in the sky. Each realm’s peoples and lands began to mirror the lady that ruled it.
The eldest Artemis’s realm quickly became covered with trees and beasts. Wild and beautiful she became the lady of the forest. Her people were like her, woodsmen and rangers. Whatever they needed they found in her woods, but if they took more that they needed, they were put under her form of justice in which they became the creature they wronged.

The second eldest, Chelani’s realm quickly froze and became tundra. Chelani had a heart of ice and thus became the lady of ice also known as the lady of the white desert. Ruthless and brutal she gave nothing to her people. Whatever they wanted to eat they had to hunt. Resources were scarce and warmth was nonexistent. Life was hard and the only law in the land became the law of survival.

Like her older sister Marseta was ruthless. Marseta was also harsh. Her land became a vast blazing hot desert of golden sand . She made her people into fierce warriors who became masters in the arts of war and battle. The lady of the desert’s people held deadly competitions to gain what they wished. It is their custom and belief that what they want should be grasped aggressively with strength and to prove that they are worthy of it they should be able to combat all who would take it away.

Cerhesta, the forth born believed that anything could be achieved with hard work and help great value in the bond of family Her realm had fertile soil that would provide all the people needed and wanted if they tilled and worked it. She became the lady of the plains. The people of the plain became farmers and raised families.

Myene believed that people should be around people. Her land became a large hub of Acena and so she became the lady of the city. Her city attracted merchants and business. The people there quickly learned to read each other and be perceptive so they could get the most out of a deal. The city people were extremely cleaver and worldly.

Apphesta loved art, skill beauty, and making things. Her land provided materials that could be crafted. Stone, which could create great statues, minerals that could be made into paint and metal which could form nearly anything existed in her realm. She became the lady of the mountain who could see anything and make it into what was needed by the hand or by the soul.

Playful Posidia was the second youngest and loved stories, song and adventures. She became the lady of the sea. Her people were sailors who told tales and sang songs on the oceans. They like her would sometimes be roguish but on the sea’s anything was fair.
The youngest Hadea was young and still trying to find herself when the tragedy struck.
The War Of the Seven Ladies
Marseta believed that she was the strongest and should have all the lands. She conquered Cerhesta’s farms easily and started to burn them. But her ambitions were larger than a few farms. Making the promise to her sisters that she would control the entire world she plunged all Acena into war.

Apphesta and Myene surrendered their lands out of fear. Apphesta did not want her art to be destroyed for it could never be replaced and Myene did not want her people to be destroyed for the same reason. The fought for Marseta against their will but they fought for her. Marseta was extremely pleased by their surrender. Apphesta had iron and a means to forage it into weapons. Myene had an ample supply of soldiers.

Although some of the ladies surrendered others fought Posidia who was mistress of the seas had a well armed navy and used it to bombard the coasts and pirate her sisters’ trade ships. Her ships could do anything on water. No ship was a match for Posidia’s ships.

Artemis knew that if Marseta ever possessed her forests she would burn them like she burned Cerhesta’s farms and that was a thought she could not bear. Her people used the skills they had learned within the forest, hunting, camping, and bow making to their advantage in the fight against Marseta. Artemis also sent her beasts into battle using them as soldiers just as well as humans.

Chelani was much like her sister. She believed that if anyone deserved ultimate power it was her. She refused to give up her lands. The life of cold and harsh perpetual winter had hardened her people. Her ice warriors were just as harsh as Marseta’s desert warriors. They used the spears the used for hunting as weapons.

In the war Hadea tried to stay neutral because she had nothing to lose she had few people in her land. However her sisters would not let her. The ladies rampaged through Hadea’s land burning it and salting it so nothing could ever live there.

Eventually Heathena became aware of the war. She was angered and ordered the sisters to put a stop to the war. The sisters were obligated to do as she asked for she was their mother and she still held dominion over the sky which was above all off their lands. Heathena drafted a written treaty that stated that the sisters were no longer to control armies and all lands would be returned under the jurisdiction to the lady that controlled it prior to the war.
The Birth of the Guardians
Each of the ladies had to obey the treaty but they still felt the need to have a military to defend them. Cerhesta came with a solution that only she could see. Her plan was that each lady would find a husband and have a child. That child would found a family that in every generation would have one person bonded to the lady, charged to protect her, her land and her honor. Also each guardian would be charged to lead the military of the ladies’ land.

Each lady would give the guardian a weapon and the ability to change into animal form that represented her. The guardian of the sky would have the form of an eagle and a gauntlet that could change into any weapon or armor the guardian could conceive.
The guardian of the desert would have the form of a lion and a scimitar that could become surrounded by fire.

The guardian of the forest would have a bow created arrows whenever it was nocked. Also the tip of the arrow created could do strange things to what ever it hit even if the target was only grazed. The guardian of the forest would have the form of a wolf.
The guardian of the city would have a dagger that grow or shrink to any size and the ability to change into a fox.

The guardian of the sea would have the ability to change into a dolphin as well as two twin swords that when used could make sounds that could do peculiar things and some times sound as if they were singing.

The guardian of the plains would have a sling that could not miss its mark and have the ability to turn into an ox.

The guardian of ice would have the form of an orca and a harpoon.
The guardian of the mountain would have a war hammer that could shatter even the thickest steal to pieces and be able to turn into a bear.

After the seven ladies war there were no more wars. Nobody wanted to relive the hell that was that conflict. Time passed and in every generation there were new guardians. The guardians became bored of life in Acena and all eventually decide to go to a new world. That world was called Earth. They would each find haven in a time and place that suited them.

The lady of the Grave

Hadea never forgave her sisters for what they did. In her mind they robed her of what her realm and her life could have been. Nothing could grow in her land. It became barren and a land of death. Eventually the souls of all those who died in the seven ladies war would become attracted to this land of death and would sympathize with the lady of the grave. To them their lives had been stolen by the folly of their former masters. She always secretly plotted to get revenge on her sisters but she had no chance of ever fulfilling her purpose of revenge with the guardians in place. When they left she saw an opportunity to take the land that should be hers and get revenge for what was done to her.

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