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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Game Bible: Part 1 Why I'm Writing Game

I'm trying to figure out where I want to go with Game so I thought I'd go back to the beginning. I'm typing up and editing my notes. What follows are them.

Game got started for four reasons.

1. I was working on another story, but the college student's life being the college student's life I had to put it down. It was a bit of a grim story, Orientation, and by the time I could pick it up again I was no longer in the mental place I needed to be in order to work on it.

2. I thought the technology in the matrix was really cool but realized narrativly the characters couldn't do anything cool with it because it was being used to enslave them. No matter how awesome the tech was it would always be portrayed in that series as the most devastating weapon of the machines.

3. I wanted a Magic the Gathering Tv show and thought to myself that in a way I already had one, Yu-Gi-Oh. Most of Yu-Gi-Oh isn't what I had in mind but there was one two part episode in Battle City Arc close to it, The Legendary Fisherman.

That episode had two likable characters, who respected each other, playing a fun game together. I really liked that and wished more sports movies would go that route than making the opposing character or team total douches.

4. As I wrote it I realized that I was setting it in college. The happiest moment of my life thus far was my first week at University of Michigan. There was so much to do and everybody was so cool. The weather was nice and class work hadn't set in yet. As a matter of fact I think University of Michigan even gave students that first week off. You could just enjoy Ann Arbor's environment. I wanted to capture that feeling at least to a degree.

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