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Thursday, March 10, 2011

River Marked Book Review

River Marked

Patricia Briggs

I've been waiting a year. It finally came. Here is what I think. First off overall I like Patricia Briggs' River Marked, but overall it's a book with problems. Mainly serious pacing problems.

I stuck with it because I like the Mercy Thompson series. I know what it's like when the books start getting good, but it took way too long. In my head I kept comparing this book to here pervious Blood Bound. which is a much more tightly paced book. In Blood Bound the action starts to pick up almost immediately around page 4 while in River Marked it's more around page 60 and even then the action doesn't really get underway until well past the 100 mark.

I have to be honest if it weren't for the fact that I am a fan of the series I wouldn't have kept reading.

Part of the problem is that the first half of the book spends way too much time focusing on the romance between the two main characters. Which isn't to say the romance in and of itself is bad, but it dominates that first half. I feel like Briggs started writing couldn't figure out what the plot should be, wrote the obvious, eventually, figured it out and then didn't take out the filler.

That said if you are a fan of the series there is a reveal that makes it entirely worth it. The reveal itself is really well executed. It takes what the audience knows and what they know they don't know and pushes into awesome. I'm hoping Briggs will dig into the ramifications of that reveal in the next couple of books.

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