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Monday, February 28, 2011

Top 5 Kid's Anime Shows from the 90's and early 2000's

So back in the anime boom a lot of things happened. Some of those things I miss and some in retrospect I think were kind of stupid.

You see in order to market itself anime branded itself as adult, when that's not entirely the truth.

The difference between anime and western animation is more along the lines of, for about 30 years westerners thought of animation being only kid stuff and in a weird self-fulfilling prophesy most western animation eventually became just kidstuff for a bunch of reasons, while in Japan it was just a storytelling medium. The point is there was just more variety. For every Ghost in The Shell , Cowboy Bebop, and Akira there is also a Pokemon and Hello Kitty.

Okay now lets get to the main show my top 5 Anime Shows for kids of the Anime Boom.
The Rules
Per usual here are the rules.
1. First off the shows have to be products of the anime boom which I am defining as about 1996-2004.
2. Like the last list these shows have to be targeted towards kids younger than 14 .
3. I am going to try to keep Toonami Shonen fighting shows in check, meaning, for the most part shows like Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are out of the running. It's not that I don't like them but I have to give stuff a chance rather than this being a list of every Toonami show I watched when I was 12. ( I miss Toonami so hard.)
4. I'm defining anime as animation made in Japan, so sorry Korean stuff and American stuff that's anime influenced is out.

5. Bey Blade

Sure it's a show about just spinning tops, but it's EXTREME, spinning tops, and a really really fun show.
4. Medabots

Who doesn't like sentient robots who kick the crap out of each other?

3. Digimon

It is not a rip off of pokemon. Digimon, in some places came out first and has the better story, so there. Nener. (Man I am reverting to my younger self. )

2. Rave Master
(Note I was originally just going to put up the dub openings but the sub opening for this one is so epic I'm putting it in too.)

It's got the right combo of action and comedy. Also google the words,Punk Street Musica and Silver Rhythm Gang.

1. Zoids Chaotic Century

Remember what I said about robots. Just add in the words giant and warmachines and well yeah.

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