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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Cool Ways to Use Twitter

, A lot of older people out there think twitter is stupid. I know who you are. Shaaammmmeee! Shaaaaammmmme!

Anyway here are 5 cool ways you can use twitter that aren't the "It's noon and I'm eating a hamburger."

5. Keeping up with content producers you like
The cool thing about twitter is that it has a personalized feed, so you can set it to keep up with your favorite bands, movie studios, internet video producers, vlogs, or wink wink blogs.

4. News on the go
I refuse to get a laptop because I like the power of a desktop, that and they're cheaper. The problem with that is that I feel computer withdraw when I go out, but if I subscribe to my favorite news outlets I have a quick and easy way to see the latest news on my cell.

3. Mass communication
Sometimes you need to tell a whole lot of people something really fast. "The meeting at six has been canceled" "Jodie's having a birthday party Saturday. Twitter is a quick way of doing this efficiently. You may still have to use snail mail for mass invites, but if I had a choice I would rather twitter people in 10 seconds.

4. What's going on
You can use the trending on twitter to figure out what everyone is talking about and use it to figure out what's going on before word officially gets out.

5. Emergencies
The cool thing about cell phones is that they have independent power supplies and are portable. In an emergency this makes them a pretty cool way to communicate. By combining the last four it makes twitter pretty useful in a situation where you can't get to a Tv or a computer. I know for a fact power companies use twitter when power gets knocked out from storms.

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