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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 5 Kid Shows That Came Out When I Wasn't a Kid

Everybody thinks that their kid shows are the best. Yep. The nostalgia filter is definitely on when it comes to kid shows. So much so that a lot of cool shows that deserve some credit get pushed to wayside. So here are the top 5 kid shows that came out when I wasn't a kid.

First of when I make lists like these I like to have some rules so here they are.

1. The show had to premiered the year I graduated high school 2005 or later.
2. The show has to be targeted towards kids younger than 14. The one isn't as obvious as the last so here goes my trying to explain it. I still have most of the tastes I did as a teenager so If I would have liked a show as a teen I probably will still like it now so I'm trying to take out shows that fall in that category to give everything else a chance. These will get a post script at the end.
3. For this list at least I'm not counting anime. I love anime but I think it would be better to deal with it somewhere else.

Also before I begin there is a major caveat that needs to be understood. ABC, and the WB (not counting 4kids) stopped with their line ups which means that yes there are less shows for me to choose from.

5 Johnny Test

It's the story of a hyperactive kid whose often used as a guinea pig for his sister's wild experiments. I can dig it.

4. Chaotic

Okay I'll admit it's not the best but it's the closest I've ever come to having a Magic the Gathering TV show. Two friends who to play a trading card game one day find out that the world of the trading card game is real and that there is a way they can play the game for real. Okay it's a Yu-gi-oh rip off, but it's a good Yu-gi-oh rip off.

3. Storm Hawks
Alternate universe. Check. Wasteland complete with giant man eating serpents. Check. Sky knights and sky pirates complete with kick ass chase scenes and awesome aerial maneuvers. Check.
2. Huntik

Think Pokemon crossed with Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiago (the cartoon not the game show) with a better plot, better animation, and kick ass fight scenes.

Huntik is about a kid and his friends trying to find talismans that allow the owner to summon monsters. They are trying to find them before another group of well bad guys do. Again did I mention the fight scenes.

1. The Epicness that is Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tags: Avatar Episodes,Avatar,Avatar Games

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tags: Avatar Episodes,Avatar,Avatar Games

Needs no intro. I'll just say. Save the last episode Zuko was always a better fighter as a villain. Of course he only got 8 episodes as a hero. Also I can't wait until the Legend of Korra.

Honorable Mentions
These are shows that for various reasons I couldn't put on this list.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

It would have been on the list but it came out in 2004, and as a point to prove how good it was it was Ned's that inspired this list, and Kid Show Week.

Young Justice

I like it but it seemed like it was more aimed at teens.

Ben 10 Alien Force/ Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Same thing as Young Justice. These are the two shows that give me hope for Cartoon Network rather me than going on long rants about the glory days of Toonami. How they changed it so now it sucks. Though I do that to.

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