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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Southfield City Council Meeting News Brief 2/7/2011

Providence Hospital representatives told the Southfield City Council about an in progress $5 million expansion of the hospital's emergency department and a completed $2.2. million renovation of its gift shop and lobby .

The council and the hospital representatives further discussed the importance of the hospital to the Southfield community and ways the hospital can and is improving care.

The council also discussed a tax abatement for Ciber Inc. The company had previously gained a tax abatement, from the council, because of the jobs they could bring to the area, but the previous tax abatement was for a property the company is not using. Because of growth, the company decided to use another building and asked for council to transfer the previous tax abatement to the new property.
The property of the original abatement was at the First Center building on Northwestern Highway, the company is currently at 300 Galleria Officenter. According to a city council memo, the company has created 125 jobs and is expected to create 300 more.

A Neighborhood Stabilization program was also under discussion. Over time while some of the vacant homes in Southfield are sold other homes in the same areas are put up for sale. There are several aspects of the plan to stabilize these communities, including Home Ownership training, vacant home repair and demolition, and connecting possible buyers to some of these vacant homes.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011 a draft of the plan will appear on the cities website and in public places so the city's constituency will have an opportunity to discuss and comment upon it.

During the discussion of the Neighborhood Stabilization program the members of the city council discussed how comparable value rules may be depressing the real estate market.

The City Council also discussed the possible upgrading of the cities geographic information system that can have several applications including describing the location of businesses and city infrastructure.

You may find a packet for the meeting here.

Also you can download an audio file of it here.

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