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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why I've been taking so long

So about a month ago after listening to Yatzee go on about his love of Minecraft I got in on the beta.

For a few weeks in January I was constantly building, but eventually did all the stuff I could think to do so went back to doing other stuff. Then about 5 days ago my save file crashed and well it's been back to Minecraft. I'm still mad that the giant flaming tower I spent 3 days building is gone. Of course to be fair the tower was so tall that I could never see the flame before the tower got out of rendering distance. All of that was just so I could show the world the beginnings of Portland my new Minecraft world, where I've figured out all of my building rules before I stared so I don't have to spend a week retrofitting everything so my floors aren't all jagged. Three blocks down forth block ceiling / floor.

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