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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Rock Playlist.

It's Black History Month. I should give some sort of history lesson right now, but screw it. I'll do social responsibility later. On the other hand if you want to see me speak on the issue of race here is an old post. Right now, I just wanna rock so here is a playlist of Black rock and rollers.

Chuck Berry
:Sweet 16

Little Richard:Lucille

The Coasters:Yakity Yak

Richie Havens : All Along the Watch Tower

Jimi Hendrix : Valleys of Neptune

: Fight the Youth

Bad Brains
: Rise

Dead Kennedy's : Police Truck

Dead Kennedys "Police Truck" 2004

Dead Kennedys | Myspace Video

Living Colour : Go Away

Slash's Snake Pit : Good to Be Alive

Suicidal Tendencies : Institutionalized

Lenny Kravitz
: American Woman

Tamar Kali : Boot

"Boot" music video

Tamar-kali | Myspace Video

The Roots :The Seed 2.0

Rage Against the Machine : Guerrilla Radio

Street Sweeper Social Club : Paper Planes

The Dirtbombs : Broke in Detroit Again

The Bellrays : Snotgun

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