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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Starting on Nickelodeon

I'm still trying to figure out how do do this since there is so much I want to say. I am definitely going to have to split this into more than one post. I guess I should start generally and talk as if my audience wasn't made up of 90's kids.

What is Nick
If you grew up in the 90's you know what I am about to say. Our parents played basketball in the streets then watched Goodtimes. We played Mortal Kombat and then watched Snick.

And woe to the poor sap whose parents thought TV rotted the brain.

Nick was the kids channel and the golden age was the 90's when I was a kid. Now days folks know nick just for Sponge Bob and I-Carly, but back back then it was a channel dedicated to kids like no channel in my opinion has been since.

For Kids By Kids

Nickelodeon really went out of it's way to get kids involved with the network, and in doing so made it feel like our network. We could win space camp on a crap ton of game shows.

You had shows like U2U where before there was a You Tube our stuff could be seen. The Channel made a real effort get kid actors, helping expose Keenan Thompson(All That/Saturday Night Live), Jewel Staite (Space Cases/ Firefly), Mellisa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains it All/ Halo ), and Amanda Bynes (All That / Easy A).

You heard me right. If it wasn't for Nick we wouldn't have Firefly and Halo. Even afterward it shines like a beacon.

There was news for us in Nick News. Cool beans I just found out they still do Nick News. I did not know that. Nick you have not forsaken me completely.

They also had events for kids in The Big Help and the Kid's choice awards.

My point is Nick got kids in a way most channels didn't, and at the time it didn't seem like they were just pandering either. It was a network that truly wanted to be a touchstone for kids. Next time I'll look more into the individual shows and programming that were on the network.

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