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Friday, April 8, 2011

Preface to Channel Month: Warning in the next few essays I will shake my old man fist

Note: That guy is amazing. Can I hear it for FreddeGredde.

I am between a rock and a hard place. The quality of TV has gone downhill. I spend my days mainly watching reruns on Hulu and Netflix. In some ways it's better. I watch what I want. But Hulu and Netflix lack something that the channels had, community. The cynic in me wants to call it marketing, but not all marketing is bad. The channels tried to connect with their audiences in ways Netflix and Hulu can't. They said we serve x community. If you fall in group x we have programming designed for you. Most of them did this though a name or catchy slogan. "The Kid's network" Sci-Fi Channel, Music Television. That feeling of community was and is valuable to me and I am saddened that it may be disappearing.

It's not just online programming. In order to give that kind of sense of community those networks had to target their marketing. However there is a recent trend of them trying for larger and larger audiences. Regardless the days of the targeted network are over. To give a last hurrah I've decided to write a number of essays describing and analyzing some of my favorite networks. In order to help transition from kid show week I have decided to start with Nickelodeon.

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