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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Budget 2.5.1 A.K.A. I Am Too Young to Have the Lewis Black Voice, But Congress Is Made Up of a Bunch #@#@#@#s Who Can't Even Pass This Year's Budget!

First off let me say that I was brought up a certain way ach cha ak Democrat achoo. To illustrate my point when I was 15 I told my father I was an independent and we didn't speak for three days. For the sake of the writing I try to write things in a non-biased or at the very least centrist way, but the events of the last few weeks have been so political and partisan that I don't know if I can do that. I will try, but I am giving you fair warning. Here is what I have gleamed.

First off no matter what chicanery the Republican Party put the country through the simple fact is that the embarrassment that was the near shut down of our government occurred because the democrats failed to do their jobs six months ago. Regardless of anything I say after this, that is the truth. There is no fuzzy euphemism for it. They abdicated their responsibility because they were afraid they would lose an election.

Regardless of my normal political leanings, it is hard, though trust me not impossible, for me to blame the republicans for using increased political leverage to get what they felt their constituency wanted. Though I think any form of chicken is stupid, I can see how it politically appealed to them. However, I am appalled at the idiots who said bring on a government shut down and trust me there were plenty of those voices.

From a practical point of view the reason why America is a city upon a hill is not because of our high-faluting rhetoric. It is because our government is stable. It is because people who work for us know that they will get paid. There is no way that a person could argue that upsetting that governmental stability is in the best interest of the electorate. This is reason I say the confederacy was in the wrong. (I know. I can hold a long grudge. Just ask J.T. from the third grade. You know what you did. )

Regardless of who is to blame, and trust me, I have enough ass-hat awards for everyone, as a country we now have to ask ourselves serious questions about how we spend and gain revenue.

We pride ourselves on being a country that firmly believes in equality of opportunity but the sad truth is that not everyone is born with the same resources and opportunities as everyone else. To compensate for this we believe in things like public education and social security, so that no matter what, people will be able to live with a minimum amount of decency.

In order to fund these things revenue must be generated from those who are able to afford it. We are also a nation that believes in individual rights, in particular individual property rights. The house I build with my own two hands should not be stolen from me and given to another man to sleep in.

These two ideals now seem to be coming into conflict with one another. We previously reconciled them by saying that these programs worked towards the common good. That by funding schools, I guaranteed my children would have an education. By funding social security, I guaranteed that I would be provided for in old age. In short by serving the collective I was serving myself. Now our faith in that ideal has been shaken. As an individual mine has not, yet I can understand how other's faith has been. Simply put the money may no longer be there.

We now must seek a new contract within ourselves to reconcile the duality of the American character. In the coming months and weeks our legislators and our president will do just that while trying lower our debt. I just hope that both sides take on this task with blindness towards the next election and with an honesty that allows them to do what is in the best interest for the American people, not just what they feel will get them re-elected.

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