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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Nick

A lot of the shows on nick fit into some sort of block or category. I'll get into those later, but some are hard to categorize so I'll just get into them.

Welcome Freshman

Honestly I don't remember a lot about this show. It was a little bit before my time. It started out as a sketch comedy, then changed format later on. Getting info this one is hard.

Hey Dude

Now this one I do remember. It was awesome, and funny. Though in retrospect I think it had a bit too much in common with the next show I show you. My favorite episode was the season 5 episode War where the cast plays a game of capture the Flag.

Salute Your Shorts

I always felt like Micheal. My favorite episode was Wrath of Kahn, Jr. , where the camp supervisor's niece instigates a prank war. I really dig how that episode ends.


Oh God the sheer surreal craziness of this show. Pewee's Playhouse has nothing on Weinerville.


Like I said before this show was like youtube before there ever was a youtube. The entire point of the show was show content created by kids.

Clarissa Explains it all

Clarissa Explains It All (1991-1994) by TVJunkie08
I'll admit it. I had a crush on Melissa Joan Hart when I was a kid. There I said it. Anyway now that I look back at it I see a lot of precursors to the style I loved in Malcolm In the Middle. Mainly breaking the forth wall. The show would often start with Clarissa, well, explaining her predicament. Anyway the thing about Nick is that they really knew how to make a good sitcom. Better yet they knew how to make just good old fashioned comedy. Next time I'll talk about all the All That spinoffs, and yes that does include depending on how you look at it I - Carly.

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