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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Korra Aang Differences

Due largely to all the fanart on Dev art, I've been thinking about the New Avatar Series Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

Nick's been pretty tight lipped about it. All I've really heard has been from these Wall Street Journal articles and this line test.

Mostly what's been described thus far is the setting and back story. Aang lived a good life, had a kid eventually keels off at the rip ole age of 70, or 170 depending on how you look at at. Korra, a waterbender, becomes the next avatar and hangs in a wretched hive.


Mostly what I've been thinking about is how I feel the narrative must differ from the last series based on the info I have thus far.

1. Smaller scale
Avatar: The Last Airbender focused on a 100 year old world war. The creators have said that this series will stick to Republic City, which I imagine to be a kid friendly version of Shanghai as portrayed in The Goddess.

My point is that the creators had the challenge of bringing us down from possible world ending conflicts to a single city of vice in an interesting manner. I wonder how they handled it.

2. Steampunk ahoy!
I love me some steampunk.

Far too often we forget that beyond the digital revolution we've had far more societal and technological revolutions. The creators have already said that the Mechanist started a technological revolution.

I'm curious how that would affect the previously established setting. That and I love the tech porn of steampunk. Gears, billows, pipes, pistons not to mention the quirky underpaid overworked and quite skilled engineer characters who keep it all working.

Note To Self: Get a multimeter, and the Swiss army knife with computer tools.

3. Doing the Avatar Thing Right

A lot of the drama of the first Avatar series is that no one knew exactly how this avatar thing was supposed to work. Nobody had seen one in a hundred years and the usual training procedures just didn't happen for Aang. Most of that had to do with the war, but with it over and Aang's son hanging around. Korra has more of a guide book on all of the Avatar stuff. It would be interesting seeing how it's supposed to work.

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