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Friday, April 29, 2011

'03, '04 The Rock Years Part 1

Well yesterday I did my top 10 defining moments in rock, but you know what I realize. The most current was from 2000. Heck more than half were from before I was born. What the hell. So now I'm going to talk about the year that rocked my world, 2004.

I wouldn't realize it then but in my head '04 will always be the best year I was listening to the good stuff. I admit it I didn't turn to rock until about 14. I should preface this by saying for the sake of me keeping my sanity I'm disregarding release dates and am just going with when I experienced stuff so there is a lot of stuff from '03 too. Lets get started.

Lets Get Born: Jet and Get Born

Jet "Cold Hard Bitch"

JET | Myspace Music Videos

Jet released it's Album Get Born in '03 but didn't get a listen until '04 and it was awesome. "Cold Hard Bitch" "Roll Over DJ"and "Are You Going to be my Girl" were making the radio rounds and I loved them.

Yo Wake Me Up : Evanescence and Fallen

Same dealy the album was released in '03 but the vids made the rounds in '04. Amy Lee and that voice. Damn. She's got pipes. Anyway Fallen was one great album.

Linkin Park and All That was Meteora

This hit just as I was getting into anime and it made me think about what you could do with animation if you did it right. That and I loved the lyrics.

And that wasn't the only hot track on the album either. You also had "Numb" and "Faint".

The Whites Have a Seven Nation Army: Elephant is Released

It wasn't first time people started to look at The White Stripes, but this was part of their climb most definitely.

MTV Mods Was Wicked Awesome

I wish the show was still around and I will remember it fondly. MTV would take popular songs and the mash them up with video games. For a guy like me who loved games and music it was a hell of a lot of fun.

There was more and I'll get into it later but for now I think I'll break for lunch.

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