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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Music I Dug

I really should review something today, but I just got back last evening and am not in the mood to cast the die, especially considering I listened to the first half of the album I was planing on reviewing before I left and felt "meh". So instead here is a quick run through of recent, relatively speaking, albums that I dug.

The Memorials : The Memorials

I was planning to review it but it came out way back in the beginning of the year before I really started doing this and I couldn't think of anything remotely "critical" to say about the album. It probably would have gotten a 5/5 from me. As is I've been listening to a few tracks from it almost every day for a month. Check it out.

The Bots
: The Bots

I would have reviewed this but I've been having a hard time listening to it the way I like to for reviews (Rhapsody), but The Bots let you listen to it on their website, and from what I've listened to it's pretty cool, especially considering the guys in the band are so young and playing like that.

Tamar-Kali: Black Bottom

Okay this one came out last year. But as with everything on this list I really really liked it.

Hishe Tron Rap

Lastly, not an Album, but How It Should have Ended's Tron Rap is Amazing. I 've been listening to it almost 5 times a day for the last two weeks.

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