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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog Tips

I hate it when people give advice. They always make the assumption that they know everything about your situation when in actuality they probably don't.

That said I need more content so here it is my advice on creating a blog, though to be fair this is mostly just my own advice to myself.

10. Take Stock of your resources and how to get the most bang out of them
Look I get it. Not everyone is going to have a fortune to spend on cameras and editing software. But you would be surprised at what you can do on the cheap. Find out what cool stuff you can do with what you have and do it. Also keep an eye out for free and cheap services that can help you, and when in doubt ask for favors.

9. Experiment and Evolve
Chances are if you do anything related to media over an extended time, it's going to look different than when you started. Try different stuff and figure out what works and what doesn't.
In short try to do what you can to continuously improve. (Miles don't you dare use corpotalk. Not here!)

I like to think of myself as having a quasi-punk rock attitude when it comes to media. Don't ask someone else's permission to do what you want. Sure the end result my be rough, but you can take pride that it's yours.

I can't remember who said it but some rocker said it best. "If it's something you care about you learn to get better at it. "

8. Keep It Goin'
When I talk to people, most of them at some point in time had a blog. They just for some reason stopped. If you want a blog to be successful well obviously it needs to exist. Keep it goin' for as long as you can.

7.Use yo' pimp hand on yo' self
You got a smooze baby. The great Spoony said it best. "Nobody is going to pimp your stuff but you." The net is vast and people need a way to find the good stuff. Do yourself a favor and guide them there. The one thing I regret not doing from the get go is putting down for some business cards so the first thing I can say in a conversation, could be hey, "I have a blog you might like it, go to this url".

6. Monitor your stuff

Oh your job isn't done just because your video or you post is up. No no no no no. Check Google analytics. Read comments. If you want to put up content that matters to people you have to know what matters to people. Figure out what is it that people like and what is it that people don't like.

5. Don't expect success immediately.
The problem with the web is that popular stuff breeds popular stuff. You know all those web memes and instaweb celebrities. Chances are those videos and the videos they did before those videos have been around for a while, and you're just now hearing about them because somebody with their own following randomly found them.

Don't expect to just throw something up and get millions or even thousands of hits immediately it's going to take time and work, just like everything else in life.

4. Mind the Technical stuff
It may not always be possible with the resources you have, but try to make things look as professional as you can. Even if you are a guy just working out of a basement, you don't want to look like a guy just working out of a basement. Yes that was self deprecating humor. Laugh. I SAID LAUGH!

3. Create regular content
People like patterns, try to create groupings of similar content and a schedule for that similar content. That way people will know to go to your site on a certain day because you'll have new stuff there. Just like DVD Tuesdays.

Note to self: It's long time I wrote another, Getting Meta.

2. Realize the World Doesn't Revolve Around You
If you want to make a blog where your friends can see what's going on in your life, that's fine. But realize that if you want more people to read it then the vast majority of people probably won't care that you ate stale choco crispies for breakfast. Try to have content that maters not just you.

1. Content is King
Everybody knows some tips and tricks for funneling people to your site, search optimization, guest blogging, youtube promotion etc, but if you want them to keep coming back, if you want them to stick around, if you want them to actually give a damn, you have to have good stuff there.

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