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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finkel I Double Dap My Chest to You and My Current Personal State of Magic

Normally I don't do this and Escapist said everything there is to say about it, but as a magic player and a human being I'm pissed about this. Especially when I learned about it the day after I created a post about not embarrassing people on the internet.

Jon Finkel is a former world champion Magic the Gathering player. I have to be honest. I'm more of a casual guy so I don't pay much attention to the tournament scene.

But reading this post the name sounded familiar, and then I realized it was that Jon Finkel. What pisses me off isn't that Magic the Gathering isn't liked by everybody. Hell take any given thing even the ones that seem universal and that will be the case. For the record I don't like pie, or hamburgers for that mater. They didn't take as a kid. I can deal with the fact that Magic is a niche activity.

What ticks me off is that just because the guy had an interest that she didn't get she decided to publicly embarrass him. Look ladies you can not be into whoever you want, but really are we going to start ranting about people who ... wait what the hell am I saying. It's the internet. While I wish they did, the standards of decent human behavior don't apply.

Now that that's all done and gone here is my personal state of magic. Right now am trying to break proliferate. That and I've been trying to create a deck that represents the true evil of Phyrexia. Yawgmoth will eventually rise again! But right now I can't afford Tezzerett, Birthing Pod and Phyrexian Obliterator . Regardless I really want to make a deck that highlights all that is Phyrexia both old and new. The major baddies, the ripping guys spines out and lobotomizing them (yeah I know it's not the card you were expecting ;P), methods of infiltration and subterfuge. Grafting on metal to unrecognizably enhance my guys. When I get around to it I'm going to make a vid about it.

In real life I'm a nice guy, but in the game I am sort of evil.

When You're Evil by Voltaire

complete with maniacal laugh.

Probably because this go round Maro made the bad guys cooler. Read the," 'Mark Loves the Phyrexians' Problem" section.

On the not so patently evil side of things I'm trying to make an enfuego burn deck with New Chandra and trying to slip in the original fire chick whom thou shalt not diss. I'm also trying to find ways of and having mild success with breaking Quicksilver Amulet. "Oh you didn't know I could bring out Blightsteel midcombat. BAM! Say 'ello to my colossal frien'."

Okay sue me. I'm a huge Timmy and Hermes, as I like to call, it lets me get it on in a block of giant robots.

Over the past month I also found out the hard way (I miss The Ferret. He's half of why I started playing magic and also writing. He should be required reading for anybody who wants to play multiplayer.) why you don't put Kaervek, Tsabo, Prince of Thralls and The Bolas in the same commander deck. Damn my Timmy impulses. Stop trying to take it up to 11 all the time Miles there is value in being awesome but practical. If you're wondering Garza was the commander. Just because you have the tools to put out 7 mana threats consistently by turn 5 doesn't mean you should. You think you're creating a 300 situation, a bunch of kick ass bruisers only to realize that because numbers mean something it's going down more like the Alamo. Or for that matter like Thermopylae went down without all of Zach's theatrics.

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