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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Album Review: Jay-Z: Watch the Throne

Watch The Throne

Hov. Meet me at camera 3.

What the hell? What happened to The Blueprint? This piece of crap no let me rephrase that, this piece of shit features every, and I mean every annoying trend in hip hop today. Hova you're one of the greatest rappers who picked up a mic. YOU... ARE ...BETTER ...THAN ...THIS! Do you know how many M.C.s starting doing what they do because of you. Better yet forget about the past. When you start pulling this shit it makes everybody think this is what's hot.

Don't get me wrong, the lyrics of some of the songs are great, "New Day" has real heart, but it's undercut by the autotune. Like I said you don't have to give in to the cheap gimmics. You're Jay-Z. Mr." Heart of the City." Mr." Hard Knock Life."

Okay and I have to admit "That's My Bitch" (track 7) was pretty cool, but I hear the track it could have been.

The reason why SNL's Boombox is funny is because it's a parody of overblown over produced rap. Jiggaman, when your album sounds like more of a parody of yourself than Saturday Night Live it's a sad sad day.

I'll admit this does have some redeeming qualities but not many.

P.S. What I think of when I think of H.A.M.

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