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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Album Review: Jill Scott: The Light of the Sun

Jill Scott
The Light of The Sun

I feel like I'm going through Deja Vu. I'm about to repeat everything I said about Tech N9ne's album. The first quarter of the album is meh at best. The reason why I like R&B like this is because of potential emotional intensity, but the first 6 songs seem to be more about how much just plain weird stuff Scott can get away with, including a scat session that comes out of nowhere with Doug E. Fresh (All Cried Out Redux. )

She makes up big time with the song "Hear My Call", but it doesn't stick. I won't lie to you when the album is good it's really good, but most of it seems to lack emotional intensity as Scott tries to find the endless groove. A lot of it seems to be style over the type of substance I've come to expect.

Songs to Check Out From the Album
Hear My Call
Rolling Hills
Some other TIme

Songs to Skip
La Boom Vent Suite

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