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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Doctor Who Series 6.5 Theories

There will be spoilers.!!!

Okay so I’m stuck at the hotel and the only real thing of interest on the tele is Doctor Who. I just saw the ending to Silence in the Library. After the whaaaa moment of the last 5 minutes of the last episode of series 6, I re-watched all the River Song episodes on Netflix and then forgot about it, but it’s coming back relatively soon which means it’s crazy theory time.

I think I got the plot of the next episode. And now it’s time to number 21 it meta style.

I am a sci-fi nerd and as a sci-fi nerd I study the weird wacky time travel rules of fiction, i.e. are we talking Back to the Future rules where a new universe is created, or The Final Countdown (The movie not the comic)/Andromeda rules where history is immutable.

One of the classic time travel debates is whether or not it would be morally acceptable or even possible to kill Hitler despite the fact that more or less the entire geo-political landscape of the last 50 years was a direct result of the crap he put the world through.

Doctor Who has always worked on the basis that some events in history must happen. Though to be fair it’s never been consistent on what exactly happens when they don’t. Anyway Let’s Kill Hitler is probably not a literal title.

Killing Hitler is probably a metaphor for doing the Timey Wimmy thing, doing or undoing something major that probably shouldn’t be messed with. Is it going to be a new universe, alternate history, or crazy death scythe monsters? Who the hell knows? But somebody somewhere is going to try to mess with the time streams.

In the last episode some crazy shit went down. The Doctor does know exactly where River is. Back at the library. Her body’s fried but her mind is still there. The problem is she needs a new body, que the flesh.

There are theories abound that River is trained to kill the Doctor. Maybe she is the one, trying to “kill Hitler.” and the Doc. Nay her future self has to talk her out of it. Heck maybe she does kill him and her future self tries to unkill him or vise versa. Either way, it would be bad for the streams. Way way bad. Like blowing up the Tardis bad. It always irked me that they never explained why that happened.

P.S. The crazy theories about Madam Kovarian being an older version of her seem to be right as she's been seen brandishing the eye patch in the recent BBC Trailer.

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