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Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Know a Console Version of Pokemon Could Be Kind of Cool

You know one of the things I do when I'm bored. Work on my Amazon Wishlist. It's sort of the 2.0 of the thing I would do to kill time when I was a kid. Walk aimlessly around the mall. But no I'm not here to bemoan the loss of the mall. Though I really do wish those weren't the sad shells of what they were in the 90's.

See one of the things I've been meaning to do with my wild insane Amazon wishlist is integrate a personal inventory of my stuff I did a while ago. Yes I am kind of anal. I did it then for more or less the same reasons I'm doing it now. A lot of this stuff is old, breaking down, or obsolete(My DVD and VHS collection) and in the event I get some money or this stuff does just go kaput all together via getting lost or stolen or me getting plain careless like I did with my Mario Sunshine disk which is now cracked I have a record of it all so I can replace it.

As hinted to by the Mario Sunshine thing I've been mostly hanging around the videogame section going, " Wow, I had some good times with PowerStone. Ooh Gauntlet that was fun. Why Don't I play these anymore?" .

For the record it's because I played most of these on an analogue TV and the coaxial adapters were not built to last. Hell, I went through about 3 for my original Xbox. Though, I guess I could drum up some scratch for some RCA adapters.

Anyway, some of my old games are just plain disappointing. Pokemon Stadium.

Ultimately to understand my disappointment with that one you have to understand my history with Pokemon. I was slow coming to the party. And oh the razzing I got for it. But by the 7th grade I was converted to the cult of Pikachu owning all 3 games that had come out by that point, a bunch of cards, and about four different guides. I was Professor Oak.

See this was the game that made me, note me,(I did a buttload of extra chores for about 4 months in advance) not my parents, buy an N64. And not just an N64 the special stadium limited edition of the N64. I was that hyped.

The problem I've always had with Pokemon is that well it's sort of limited by it's tech. Even for it's day (I haven't played anything since Silver.) It was old school. And it was that way for a reason, Ninendo's portable platforms have always mostly adopted miniaturized hardware of the last generation. So Gameboy pocket was basically a dressed up NES, which came out before I was even born.

But like I said I was late to the Pokeparty so you know what type of systems I was playing with at the time.

 Okay so I had a thing for fighting games... and the Dreamcast. Oh the Dreamcast.

I didn't realize it back then the thing but the Dreamcast was basically a generation ahead of the N64 in terms of the hardware, so you can only imagine how far ahead of the Gameboy it was.

Anyway I was expecting a ground up 3D, control programmable, rebuild similar to Zelda.

 What I got was basically a 3D version of the least interesting aspect of the game. You couldn't capture pokemon. And there was no game map.

Nintendo come here. You now have the hardware. You can rebuild it. Make it stronger. Faster. You can make a realtime, non-turn based, 3D, Pokemon if you wanted to. Don'tcha wanna. Even a little. Great scot, think of the possibilities.

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