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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013 Special and Committee of the Whole Southfield City Council Meetings

On August 19, 2013 a special meeting of the Southfield City Council was held to discuss details regarding the reconstruction of Evergreen Road. Due to the some of issues of the special meeting not being resolved before the 7:00 regular meeting those issues were revisited towards the tail-end of the 7:00 Committee Of the Whole meeting.

They Include

  • A proposed sidewalk in front of the Mary Thompson farmhouse that would have affected trees.
  • The possibility of bioswales on city property along the project.
  • The financing of the project
  • The city owning lighting along the project rather than renting from DTE Energy

The special meeting also included a bus tour along Evergreen Road., the audio from which is not included in this video.

  • Apart from the issues of the special meeting  the following issues were also discussed
  • Information from Rebuilding Together of Oakland County
  • The Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force, and  the Southeast Michigan Financial Crimes Task Force
  • A preliminary discussion of a rezoning project
  • A request to increase staffing of the City Clerk's office

Note: An interesting thing that the City Clerk mentioned that sort of slipped my mind is the upcoming school board millage election.

You can find an agenda and documents of the special meeting here and of the COW meeting here.

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