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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recent Shows I Like

Okay so last time I took a trip down memory lane, but let's deal with the now top 10 recent shows I like I'm defining recent as roughly 2006. Keep in mind that the shows on this show are shows I watched. Also these have to be shows that are relatively consistent in quality.  Also to narrow the field a bit I'm disqualifying animation. Don't get me wrong some of those shows are better than these shows but I wanted to focus on live action. Let's get started.

Honorable Mention: Kings

You know how Firefly is sore spot to a lot of people because Fox killed it. And then peed on its remains. Oh the pain. Oh the agony.


Kings is a loose retelling of the story of David and Saul  yes that David.

  In a modern setting and it was glorious, until NBC started fiddling around with the schedule ensuring it would never get a second season where David would actually become king.

What drew me to the show is that Silus, our Saul isn't really evil he's just trying to do whatever he can to hold on to power and increasingly loosing it as he realizes he's no longer God's golden boy. He doesn't have it in him to just step aside.

Honorable Mention: Orphan Black

Okay describing the plot will probably spoil stuff but the basic premise of this science fiction thriller is clones. That's all you get.

Sidenote: All the clones are played by Tatiana Maslany who is absolutely brilliant at portraying all their different personalities.

Honorable Mention Sherlock

Basically the great detective operating in modern London. Most of the episodes are updates to classic stories including The Hounds of Baskerville. Also Watson is played by Bilbo and Arthur Dent.

10. Misfits
Take the premise of Heroes but make the entire cast chaotic neutral.  Sure they could save the world or they could make a bunch of sex jokes and kill their probation officer...again.

9. Caprica

Okay this is basically a spinoff of BSG, but it's also a very different show. It's well written and deals with a lot of heady stuff. Hell the entire plot is about transhumanism. A girl just prior to her death manages to copy her mind. What does that mean for everybody else?  Think of the implications of surviving one's own death.

8. Eureka

Do you remember the days when science fiction was about creating whimsical gadgets and super-science. Welcome to Eureka, a town built on super-science. Almost everyone cast member is a mad scientist to some degree or another.  You don't get explosions, rockets, robots, and force fields like that now days.You just get cop shows.

7. Treme

The spiritual successor of The Wire paints a portrait of Post-Katrina New Orleans. I'll be honest it's not as good as The Wire, but still better than most shows by a country mile. The point of the show, rather than creating an over all narrative like each arc season of The Wire, is to capture the spirit of the city.

6. Sons of Anarchy

The bad men cometh. They drink. They shoot. They raise all sorts of cain, and I can't look away. These ain't heroes. God are these not heroes. Think The Sopranos if Tony was a biker out west instead of a don on the Jersey Shore.

5. . Being Human (UK)

What if a ghost, a vampire, and werewolf each decided, "Look I can't live with muggles, you need a roomie?"
That's the premise as each of these characters tries to "manage" their conditions and well be human or as close to it as they can.

4. Supernatural

This one definitely gets better with time, starting as mostly a monster of the week show it now has it's own sprawling universe full of angels, demons, vampires, werewolves. Only thing that goes bump that doesn't exist is Bigfoot and yeah at some point our protagonists will probably run across that.

Apart from that it's got a kick ass soundtrack.

3. House of Cards

You know every horrible thing people say about Washington; the egos; the entitlement; the lack of empathy is all encapsulated in our protagonist Francis Underwood, Majority Whip. The lying, conniving, backstabbing bastard. After being snubbed for Secretary of State launches a vendetta to claw and maim his way to the Presidency.There will be blood.

2. Breaking Bad

Nothing to say that hasn't already been said. Watch a mild mannered chem teacher become Frank Lucas.

1. Game of Thrones

You know those shows where the good guys win and everything will be alright. This aint one of those. Winter is a bitch.

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