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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shows I'd Like To See on Toonami

So the tail-end of my last post started describing shows I wished would make it to the new Toonami block. Let's keep going with that. Keep in mind that this is a fantasy list and almost none of this stuff probably would end up on Toonami.


Yeah. The rights would be nearly impossible to get yet Spawn on Adult Swim would be kind of awesome. For those of you who don't know Spawn is a relic of the Dark Age of Comics. Most people try to brain bleach everything they knew about him, but you know what? The three season HBO series was kind of cool.


Alright so MTV used to do animation. Not so much now but they had some cool shows. Downtown is one of the forgotten ones. It's basically about group of young friends hanging out. It's the tone of the show that makes it.

I just want to see them bring it back.

Megas XLR

Before there was the awesomeness of Gurren Lagann lampshaded the how cool it would be to pilot your very own giant robot. Megas did it in the west.  It needs to come out of retirement.

Hell Girl

One of the things I thought about with this list is how easy it would be to see a show somewhere else. The rights to the first season of Hell Girl are so tied up that seeing it is almost impossible and it being on TV is the type of thing that would make me set my alarm clock at 2 in the morning.

Black Lagoon

Close your eyes. Okay now think of the most batshit crazy insane 80's man movie you can think of (Since I came of age in the 2000's, not the 80's, I'm going with Transporter 2). Now imagine if the director could get any camera angle he wanted and could blow up aaannnnnything. And boom goes the dynamite.


Monster is basically a old school euro thriller full of twists and turns. I'm actually sort of surprised they haven't licensed it yet it's been out a while.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Alright so while I love the animated hyper-violence I'll be the first to admit that it's probably not a good thing all the time. Beck is a well written coming of age story told through the device of putting a band together. And it's got a lot of heart.

Ultimately it's two stories. The protagonist finding his identity through music, and well getting the band together. And god the musical references, culminating in a kickass cover of "I Got a Feeling".

Let's rock.

Gunslinger Girl

Just in case my aside on that last one didn't sink though sometimes you just need to be taught violence is not a toy. And Gunslinger Girl is the most depressing soul sucking, "Hey you there. You are a horrible person for enjoying this" story I've seen.

Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Okay enough of that back to the hyper violence, and while we're at it let's add some sex in there. Alright alright Rin is a very good show that goes a little over the top but it has a lot of big ideas. By the way I already reviewed it.

Mighty Max

Okay hear me out. Sooner or later they will roll out Sailor Moon. Not a question of if but when. The fandom demands it. And you know what book ended my original watching of Sailor Moon back before it was even on Toonami. Mighty Max. And that show gets no love.

It has an ape city and vampire flies. My 10-year-old mind exploded.

Fist of the North Star, Slayers and Berserk

Oh you thought youngin's thought Gundam Wing was old school. These are here mostly because as an anime aficionado I'm ashamed I haven't seen these. They came out before my time and I would love to see them on Toonami.


Vampires have taken over the town. Let's kill 'em all! Death to the blood sucking bastards. Yes I am a vampire racist.

Hey I have a thing for occult detectives.

Attack on Titan


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